Talking of all things carnal – an excited reader rang on Thursday to say he recognized the brothel in which last week’s Stingers episode was set. “It was Gotham City in South Melbourne.” he huffed. So i rang Franko, Gotham City’s proprietor, and, yes, his ‘six-star” establishment was featured on Stingers. And not the first time either. “Last week’s episode was quite good actually.” Franko Says. “Better than the last episode they shot here.” The Stingers episode, based on a crooked brothel owner who blackmails a client, closed down Gotham City for three days. “We only shut the place during the day,” he says. “Couldn’t do it at night – too busy”. Franko revealed that Gotham City was also the venue for many of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunny videos. “They fly the girls over here and everything.” He said.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun