The Undercover Unit are now based at Police Headquaters.
Stingers is a GTV9 Production produced at their Melbourne studios.

The Crimplex, was home of the undercover unit. Most of the operations where co-ordinated from here. There are facilities for the members of the unit, to relax, prepare for a sting, and more.

The Crimplex was the name that was given to the old brewery warehouse located in Metro Melbourne, by the cast and the crew who work on Stingers. The building was found only weeks prior to the show being first filmed. The complex houses, the administration of Stingers Undercover, the main set and the casting and editing facilities for the show.

The set isn’t soundproofed, so you can hear water running down the drains and hitting the room when it rains. Removeable walls have been created to accommodate special lighting also means that cars can drive in and out of the action in Stingers. Even the ‘automatic sliding gate’ located near the front roller door is operated by crew using a piece of fishing wire!

Please note: Due to changes in production, ‘The Crimplex’ is no longer used, and has a new private owner. ‘The Crimplex’ was located at 17 – 19 Marine Pde Abbotsford.

Did you know?
The Com-Vee used to be filmed in the back of a shipping container. In the more recent episodes a modified Ford Transit Van is used, so it can be taken on locations.