Peter Phelps
as Senior Constable Peter Church

Tough and dedicated, he’s a loner whose been burnt in love and never wants to go through it again.

Snr Constable Peter James Church (37 years old), believes he is the tough guy, yet everyone seams to get on well with him in every situation. Also known as Mike Fisher, Church has been in the unit ever since the show went to air, showing a strong friendship with the former Undercover Unit boss, Burnie Rocca. Early on, he was known to be having a working relationship with Ellen ‘Mac’ Mackenzie, and more recently, following Ellen dating the Ex Head Of Homicide, he decided to have a ‘one night’ fling with the newest member, Danni Mayo, which resulted in her getting pregnant.

He has one sister, ‘Debra’ who appears to be his only living relative, following his father – Ozzie Fisher – dying resulting from a stroke. His original girlfriend, Alice was killed on juty. Peter took it hard, where he moved house, changed his name, and gave up some of his bad habbits.

Church was recently in a love triangle with Harris and Angie. Angie told Church that she was in love with him, but over it now, but every so often gives Church looks of affection.

Peter Phelps is one of Australia’s busiest and best-known actors. He has appeared in dozens of film, television and theatre productions, spent four years in the U.S., written a best selling book – a wry look at his years in Hollywood, and won an AFI Television Best Actor Award for his portrayal of a male rape victim in an episode of GP.

Peter was born in Sydney on the 20th September 1960 , and was brought up by his parents, George and Shirle and his sister is the well known, Dr Kerryn Phelps. He has worked pretty consistently since leaving high school in ’78. He went to a film school studying directing for a year in ’96, in New York, and then directed three short films and one semi-feature film.

He was Abo Henry in the chilling BLUE MURDER. Les Darcy in THE LES DARCY STORY. And Mick Webb in ONE WAY TICKET, a telemovie inspired by a 1993 jailbreak. He played opposite Jason Donovan in the movie ROUGH DIAMONDS, and with SUDDENLY SUSAN regular Judd Nelson, in the telemovie BLACKWATER TRAIL, and has recently signed to be in the movie NED KELLY.

He was the lead in the Australian feature films ZONE 39, THE LIGHTHORSEMEN and PLAYING BEATIE BOW and has starred in films in Italy and the Czech Republic. On television, Peter was a series regular on FIRE, THE FLYING DOCTORS and BAYWATCH. His extensive guest credits include POLICE RESCUE, HEARTBREAK HIGH, A COUNTRY PRACTICE and RAFFERTY’S RULES. And most recently he guest starred in four episodes of WATER RATS.

But nothing he has done, Peter says, matches the scope and the opportunities of STINGERS. He has relished researching the two very different perspectives of his role – the duality of a cop masquerading as a crim.

Peter took on the lead role of Peter Church in August 1998, as he believed that he had found a vechicle that would win him respect. “This is a more mature, darker role that I’ve ever played before”

“This project gives me the chance to play so many different parts. I like that. I like to live vicariously in roles such as Abo in BLUE MURDER and it’s the same with this show.”

Peter was rewarded for his work on STINGERS with 2 Silver Logie nominations.

He also released a book called ‘Sex Without Madonna – True Confessions of a Hired Gun in Tinseltown’ but this is now no longer in print. He is due to release another book sometime in the future about his part on Stingers Undercover.

He developed the scar on his left cheek after being hit with a surfboard in the face.

Peter is currently in a relationship with ‘Donna Fowkes’ who met Peter while he was filming an episode in a resturant where she used to owned, and has been seen together at many major events, including the Melbourne release of Moulin Rouge. In early 2003, Donna gave birth to Aja Blue.

Peter has been interviewed on Ninemsn’s chat area on June 15th 1999.
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Peter’s agent is: Barabra Leane & Associates Pty Ltd

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