Project Description

Episode Number: 1
Episode Name: Ratcatcher
Directed By: David Cameron
Written By: Roger Simpson
Screen Date: Tuesday, 29th Sept. 1998
Viewers: 1,452,000
Repeated: Tuesday, 12th August 2003
Rating: M15+
Sound: None

Description: Church goes undercover to try and gain evidence to convict a man believed to have murdered a schoolgirl who’d done babysitting for the family. Angie Piper was also undercover, befriending the brothers wife in another attempt to gain any information. The only question is: are they investigating the right brother??

Media Release: New Australian police drama about “a bunch of Aussie cops who surveil, infiltrate and gather evidence against crims, before setting them up for a final ‘sting’.” Stars one-time “Baywatch” and “Blue Murder” actor, and author of “Sex Without Madonna: True Confessions Of A Hired Gun In Tinseltown”, Peter Phelps; and Jessica (“Echo Point” and “Wildside”) Napier. Production on the series apparently began only four weeks ago.

Guest Cast: JOHN BRUMPTON as Ronnie Gallagher
GARY WADDELL as Garry Gallagher
JO KENNEDY as Karen Gallagher
DAWN KLINGBERG as Pearl Gallagher
WOODY MILES as Corban Gallagher
CHRIS CONNELLY as Senior Sergeant Lewis
GARY ADAMS as Beefcake
JASPER BAGG as Small Man
CHRIS WILSON as Mercedes Driver
JIM ALEXANDER as Security Guard
KENT CLIFTON – BLIGH as Police Diver
DALE REEVES as Bouncer

Production Notes: Pilot Episode

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